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Electronics Recycling Company Atlanta

Electronic scrap ranks high among the fastest-growing waste streams worldwide. Failing to handle such waste prudently often results in environmental issues and reputation loss. However, you could work with an experienced electronics recycling company to make the most of your investment while caring for the environment.

Do you need help with your e-waste? evTerra, a reliable electronics recycling company in Atlanta, can lend you a helping hand. We leverage state-of-the-art shredding and sorting equipment to handle e-scrap with ease. Our decades of experience in the e-recycling space make us the best bet for all your e-recycling needs.

At evTerra, we run our electronics recycling operations in an environmentally conscious manner. Our expert team strives for zero waste and landfills. Also, we run environmentally-friendly operations that are handy in achieving carbon neutrality.

Need help getting rid of your surplus inventory or end-of-life electronics? Our experienced team can do all the heavy lifting for you. Count on us to help you protect our environment and secure your brand. From office pick up to delivery, we handle your assets professionally throughout.

Count on us to offer unmatched security on your assets, thanks to our private fleet. We deliver a damage-free service to ensure that your equipment remains intact until the final destination. Our flexible transportation solutions suit our client’s diverse needs. Whether you need to move a copier or pallets of computers over a long distance, our logistics services won’t let you down.

At evTerra, we strive to protect our clients’ sensitive data during our data destruction initiatives. Our experienced team prioritizes data security to keep your mind at ease. Thanks to our top-level security protocols, all your data and data-containing devices remain secure.

Our team adheres to strict regulatory requirements regardless of the client we handle. With our secure data destruction capabilities, we prevent the possibility of data leaks before physically destroying or sanitizing data with NIST 800-88 Rev.1.

Do you want to decommission a data center? We are only a phone call away. Let us handle all your data destruction needs with the utmost care.

Regardless of the recyclables your company produces, we have the technical expertise to create an efficient recycling program for you. Our experienced electronics recycling company team ensures that your recyclable commodities don’t end up in landfills. Let us help you save your resources as we help you return end of life commodities to production.

We work with experienced partners to create new goods from your spent electronic equipment. Our reliable solutions have established us as an industry leader in recycling and processing electronics scrap. Count on us for skilled dismantling and processing, transparency, secure transportation, product destruction, and brand protection.

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Are you having trouble making the most of your IT resources? evTerra is here to help. Our expert team offers seamless IT asset management solutions to ease deploying and controlling your IT assets. We’ll help you take care of your IT assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

Count on us for robust asset management programs that cover equipment deployments and equipment refresh cycles. Also, our friendly team can guide you through the proper disposal of used assets.

Do you want to recover value from retired electronic equipment? Our experienced team offers efficient methods of reuse and recycling. Leverage our de-manufacturing process to get multiple options for asset value recovery. Regardless of the solution you prefer, we strive to preserve the residual value of all your assets.

evTerra offers reliable electronics recycling solutions to clients from all walks of life as an electronics recycling company in Atlanta. Our diverse client-base features non-profits, state & local governments, fortune 1000 companies, small & medium businesses, and the federal government. We deliver custom-tailored solutions that meet the individual needs of our diverse clients.

Our expert team can handle diverse commodities, including printers, modems, personal computers, routers, and cable boxes. You can also trust us to recycle televisions, flat-screen monitors, copiers and household appliances.

Our rallying call is to ensure that our clients achieve zero waste and zero landfills. Also, we strive for carbon neutrality to keep our environment free from electronic waste.

Once we are clear about your specific needs, we’ll take you through our process, which involves:

  • Picking up the electronic waste
  • Secure logistics to our site
  • Serialization to keep track of your commodity
  • Secure data destruction
  • Efficient recycling that saves you time and money
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Our professional team, which boasts of a combined experience of over 100 years, is the best bet for anyone who needs efficient electronics recycling solutions. Our custom-tailored solutions highlight our rich expertise in the e-scrap recycling industry.

Are you looking for the best electronics recycling company Atlanta? We are only a phone call away. Reach out to us today. We’ll help you make good use of your degraded electronics waste.