Whether private or public, local or global, we have the expertise to properly recycle end-of-life, surplus or obsolete electronics.

When it comes to serving the public, we understand the importance of transparency, trust, and reliability. Our specialists in this area can help you efficiently manage the electronics your solid waste and recycling districts handle for the communities you serve. We will tailor a recycling program that fits your initiatives and helps you close the loop on your computer and electronics recycling needs. Contact us today.

Our nation’s small to medium sized businesses are the lifeblood of our country, which is why we make it our job to offer competitive solutions to meet your technology recycling needs. We offer a wide range of services from asset management, electronics recycling, and data destruction. Get in touch today to learn how one of our four national locations can best meet your needs.

With more scrutiny and litigation arising in the financial, banking and insurance industries, there has become more need for data security. That’s why we have created end-to-end certified and documented data destruction services that balance strict compliance with responsible recycling practices.

EVTERRA Recycling helps protect your brand, customer data, confidential business information, and meets your ESG commitments. Our experts tailor sustainable recycling solutions for your obsolete electronics by providing you with the most efficient reverse logistics and asset management programs in the industry. Whether it is off-spec goods or your end-of life technology, we provide the services your company needs so you can focus on what’s most important, running your business.

As a non-profit, you are already making the world a better place. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication to your cause. As a thank you, we have crafted a specific program for your organization that provides the highest value recovery available for the obsolete electronics you are collecting. Reach out to us today to get more details on how to maximize your electronics recycling collection stream.

There are few things that are more important than a good education. We also recognize that money can be hard to come by. This is why we have created a technology remarketing program dedicated to the education sector. Contact one of our highly skilled professionals today to learn more about how EVTERRA Recycling can provide your institution with not only cost-effective electronics recycling options but can maximize your resellable electronics.

We efficiently manage electronic devices and equipment throughout their lifecycle from ITAD, Network Equipment, Data Centers, IOT and everything in between. End-of-life management in the telecommunications sector is vital for minimizing electronic waste, conserving resources, and reducing environmental impact. We align with environmental, social, and corporate governance to contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy, and we foster a responsible approach to technology consumption and disposal within the telecommunications industry.  Reverse logistics, redeployment, reuse, data wiping, and recycling play crucial roles in ensuring sustainability, security, and responsible disposal practices.  We believe data wiping is essential to protect sensitive information stored on devices, ensuring that no confidential data remains when equipment is repurposed or recycled.   
Reverse logistics can get in the way of your business. By utilizing our circular services, we can help you streamline the efficient flow of used equipment to maximize value:
• Storage
• Control tower
• Inventorying
• Redeployment
• Reuse
• Teardown services
Let our team formulate a recycling program that suits your needs. Contact us today. 

Managed Service Providers

Whether you need support with excess and obsolete, internal and client-facing ITAD or value recovery programs, a consumer returns or trade-in platform, or refurbishment, recycling, and redeployment programs, EVTERRA can develop a tailored and effective solution that ensures data security, certified recycling and refurbishment processes with global reach.