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EvTerra Recycling who we serve state & local governments​

State & Local Governments

Let evTerra Recycling put our decades of experience to work and help you efficiently  manage the e-scrap your solid waste and recycling districts handle for the communities you serve. We can help tailor a recycling program that fits your needs.  evTerra Recycling is here to help you close the loop on your computer and electronics recycling needs, contact our team of professionals today for more information. 


As a non-profit you are already trying to make the world a better place by offering your services to our communities.  We appreciate your hard work and dedication, let us help you focus your time and energy on your passion.  evTerra Recycling is here to help you with an “ease of use” recycling program that the industry has not seen before.  Our team of dedicated professionals is standing by to help you by providing affordable and sustainable options for your organization’s electronic recycling needs.  

EvTerra Recycling who we serve non-profit
EvTerra Recycling who we serve fortune 1000​

Fortune 1000​

evTerra Recycling is here to help your organization protect your brand, customer data, confidential business information, and meet your ESG commitments.  Let our team at evTerra Recycling tailor a more sustainable recycling option for your recyclables, by providing you with the most efficient reverse logistics and asset management in the industry. Whether it is off-spec goods or your businesses end-of life technology, we can provide the services your company needs so you can focus on your business and not have to worry if your recyclables and data are being managed properly.

Small & Medium Businesses

All businesses and organizations are different and have varying needs.  evTerra Recycling is ready to help your business with all aspects of your recyclable materials and IT equipment.  We offer a wide range of services from asset management, asset disposition, electronics recycling, and data destruction. There is no job too big or too small, evTerra Recycling is here to provide the responsive and focused customer service to all our partners.  Let our team formulate a recycling program that suits your needs and puts your mind at ease.

EvTerra Recycling who we serve small & medium businesses​
EvTerra Recycling who we serve federal & government​​

Federal Government

evTerra Recycling can provide your organization with state-of-the-art and cost-effective electronics recycling options.  Our environmentally friendly and sustainable processes are just what your organization needs.  Just as the government is in place to help protect and serve the people, evTerra Recycling’s proven and experienced team is here to serve your organization and help you recycle your IT assets in the most sustainable and environmentally safe manner. On-site and off-site data sanitization and data destruction options available.


There are few things that are more important than a good education. Contact one of our highly skilled professionals today to learn more about how evTerra Recycling can provide your institution with not only cost-effective electronics recycling options, but a more sustainable and environmentally friendly means of recycling your electronics. We also provide internships, scholarship opportunities, and donations of IT equipment to support K-12 entities, colleges, and universities. Contact us today.

EvTerra Recycling who we serve educational institutions

Anyone Who Wants to Properly Recycle End-of-Life, Surplus or Obsolete Electronics