electronic recycling 3 lines

Our business has a positive environmental impact through the recovery of materials to replace non-renewable resources as ingredients in the manufacturing of new products.  It is our goal to reuse products and recycle materials in a manner that is protective of the environment, protective of worker health, and consistently delivers a quality product.  Senior Management of our organization is responsible for and committed to establishing a management system framework to achieve our quality, environmental, and health & safety goals.

Our business will operate according to these principles:

  • We will consider the health and safety risks of our operations and manage health and safety risks through a hierarchy of controls to prevent workplace injuries and illness and protect human health and safety.
  • We will consider the environmental impacts of our operations and our products and commit to preventing pollution and protecting the environment.
  • We will develop and maintain quality, environmental, and health & safety programs that conform to the best practices within the recycling industry and are consistent with the nature of the risks of our operations.
  • We will comply with all relevant product, environmental, health & safety laws and regulations at all levels including international, national, state/provincial, and local regulations.
  • We will fulfill relevant stakeholder requirements including customer and product requirements and voluntary commitments made by the organization.
  • Managing focus materials and hazardous e-waste throughout the recycling chain to final disposition with due diligence to protect our environment and the interests of our stakeholders.
  • We will ensure worker participation in RIOS/R2/e-Stewards Management System.
  • We will promote customer satisfaction through quality management.
  • We will protect data security and social responsibility.
  • We will protect workers’ rights to a workplace free from harassment and discrimination.
  • We will protect workers’ rights to a workplace free from harmful pollutants and hazardous conditions.
  • We will prevent Transboundary Movement of Materials of Concern (MOCs) in violation of relevant laws, treaties, agreements, and the e-Stewards Standard.
  • We will prohibit the use of forced and child labor.
  • We will restrict the use of Prison Operations in accordance with the e-Stewards Standard.
  • We will restrict the disposal of MOCs in accordance with the e-Stewards Standard.
  • We will strive to continually improve our quality, environmental, and health & safety programs and resulting performances.

We shall hold ourselves to these principles and expect all those who work for our organization, or on our behalf, to comply with this policy.